June 30th 
I love myself. I love us.
June 29th 
Is resting art or tiredness art?
June 28th 
I am still debating the place of the color blue in my life. Why a color? 
June 27th 
Arrest Elijah McClain's murderers
June 26th 
I feel very wrathful... rageful... I don't know if there is a word that can encapsulate what it means to be a black woman in pain because the language of our oppressors never cared about out pain.
June 25th 
Rest in relation to balance? Rest in relation to violence?
June 24th 
Fuck you! is an artistic declaration.
June 23rd
Blackity Blackity black
June 22nd 
The word "futurity" rattles in my head now
June 21st 
We must live radically everyday if we want tomorrow to be a new day.
June 20th 
June 19th
Fuck 12
June 18th 
I get mad when white women try to tell me how to feel about people killing people that look like me. 
June 17th
what is the experience of the surreal or unexpected or absurd? 
June 16th
what are the complexities of the black gaze?
June 15th
Is there a possibility of intervention in art? with art? for art? 
June 14th 
How do I unrest well?
June 13th
how many shots until they are certain they they are just?
June 12th
I try using soft materials today, to reclaim my own softness.
June 11th
where does the truth hide in calmness? how? 
June 10th
how do I engage in rest?
June 9th
Everywhere I walk I am a riot.
June 8th
I am a black woman. 
June 7th
How does a normal exit? 
June 6th
Arrest the Breonna Taylors murderers.
June 5th
How do you recreate the tension so you can capture it in a box? 
June 4th
Defund the police
June 3rd
what is the relation of chaos to art?
June 2nd
Say their names 
June 1st 
Arrest Breonna Taylors murderers. 
May 31st 
I still see blue helmets
May 30th 
Is there art to hold anger? 
May 29th 
I think that it is possible to listen with our bodies.
May 28th 
I want to know why a thing is. 
May 27th 
Language takes a profound interest for me. I am amazed by its uses and theory. how we use language affects how we are able to confront, question, understand, and shape the world around us.
May 26th 
peeling away at conceptualization.
May 25th 
What is the permeability of the American dream?
May 24th 
where is the thing that is better for itself? That is itself? 
May 23rd 
Sometimes I get mad when I hear white men talk because it makes me think about how white men would talk casually about the selling, raping, beating, and killing of black bodies. 
May 22nd 
Is the body more valuable than the mind? at what point does the mind enter formlessness? 
May 21st 
How do absurd questions have reasonable answers? How does the 
May 20th 
How does the color blue operate?
May 19th 
I need to do work to understand the role of music in my work and in my working process?
May 18th 
How do I create the illusion of the 3rd, the unknown, the unseen? 
May 17th 
Transference, transformation, and transcendence of violence.
May 16th 
Sometimes I want to make big work but I don't have anywhere to store it. 
May 15th 
What is beginning?
May 14th 
How should accidentals be interrupted into understanding? 
May 13th 
The value of social intimacies in the space of a day is important.
May 12th 
May 11th 
Is there a greater theory of conceptualization? 
May 10th 
May 9th 
I think one of the things that fascinates me about all art is the relation of language in describing the most fundamental elements and principles for various mediums. the cross over of terms despite meaning and feel different always inspires me to the rethink my use and discussion of them. 
May 8th 
I think of most work as a conversation of questions? I'm not sure if the audience is this invisible 3rd I am addressing all the time.
May 7th 
calmness is very unsettling to me and I find that when I see in works I am captured.
May 6th 
How do I follow gesture into form?
May 5th 
the color green belongs in nature.
May 4th 
what is the difference between overlooking and under looking?
May 3rd 
what is surreal a composition?
what is surreal a form?
what is surreal a depiction?
May 2nd
I wonder if I am an artist today or tomorrow?
May 1st 
Is there an answer as to why questions exist?
April 26th
Am I working for, with, or against the entropy of meaning?
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